Who We Are

Rogue Valley Vintners is a non-profit organization made up of wine producers, growers, and community partners with a shared mission to market the Rogue Valley as a premiere wine region.


The numbers are clear and strong; Oregon is an increasingly popular destination for travelers from all over the world and they are making a multi-billion-dollar impact on Oregon’s economy.  They come for unspoiled wilderness, adventure travel, amazing food, and wine.

The establishment of the Rogue Valley Vintners (RVV) represents a transformational development for the wine industry in Southern Oregon. It is a tangible and substantial effort to align with the goals of our regional destination management organization, Travel Medford, Travel Southern Oregon, and the statewide agency, Travel Oregon.

It is also a recognition of the evolution of the wine industry in Southern Oregon.  It’s an embrace of the distinct and compelling story of a region rich with micro-climates capable of producing an incredible range of world-class varietals. It’s a region with its own magnificent terroir, its own personality, its own potential. The Rogue Valley is a rising AVA, and the goals for the RVV are twofold:

First, RVV members will work collectively to attract travelers to the Rogue Valley and to deliver a distinctive wine and culinary experience.

Second, the RVV will work to raise awareness about the value and quality of wines from the Rogue Valley, even if they are being purchased in a restaurant in Florida or a wine shop in Chicago.

Mission, Vision, and Values

The mission sets the course of action that will guide the RVV.  It establishes who we are, and who we aren’t. “The Mission of the RVV is to promote Rogue Valley wines, vineyards, and wineries while enhancing the customer experience.” At the end of the day, the effort and resources of the RVV must resolve by driving more people to the Rogue Valley to explore the region’s wines. For those coming to the region for a softball tournament or a visit to Crater Lake or the Shakespeare Festival—Rogue Valley wines become a wonderful addition, a new discovery. The mission implies bringing visitors to the region, and it implies promoting knowledge and appreciation of the region’s wines to drive sales through distribution and to support value pricing for the industry.

The mission also calls out the professional point of view of the RVV.  The goal is to build a transparent and engaging organization that recognizes, for example, that wine and culinary are deeply connected. It recognizes the need to work in alignment with regional and statewide destination management organizations. It is about recognizing the unique challenges experienced in the vineyards, the barrel rooms, and the tasting rooms. It is about recognizing the need for better wayfinding, logistics, and visitor support. There is a strong impulse to make connections and partnerships, all the while featuring the amazing bounty of Rogue Valley wines.

The Vision of the RVV is to ensure the Rogue Valley has a seat at the table with all the world’s outstanding AVA’s. It is about supporting the wine industry in the Rogue Valley and recognizing that we are not Napa. We don’t want to be Napa. Oregon wine is more than Pinot Noir. Our vision sees a vibrant wine industry in the Rogue Valley that is celebrated for the authentic values and products of the region. We see ourselves as trusted partners in the shared effort to drive economic development in our region through responsible tourism.

This Looks Like What Exactly?

To boil it down, the RVV exists to market the Rogue Valley AVA.  The word “marketing,” however, is fraught with all kinds assumptions and often unsettling connotations.  We recognize that “marketing” is changing rapidly in a world driven by mobile devices, apps, social media, and complex consumer behavior algorithms. As such, it is not the goal of this document to offer details regarding marketing strategies or resources.  The RVV will select marketing partners that can fulfill our goals and developmentally establish our brand and connect people with Rogue Valley wines.

The RVV also sees value in formal public relations efforts and being a thought leader for the wine industry. We see the development of signature events and resources that will drive interest, awareness, and loyalty. We see opportunities for education and resource development to facilitate a better experience for visitors to our region.

We see our points of focus shifting from one priority to another based on season, regional economics, agricultural trends, and market opportunities—but always driven by defined strategic goals. We are in the business of marketing, but we recognize that means a long-term and developmental effort, driven by clear strategic intent and measured by timely and accurate feedback. We see these efforts contracted and supported by professionals working on behalf of the members of the RVV.