1.  Who is RVV and when did it form?

Rogue Valley Vintners is a non-profit organization made up of passionate viticulture and enology industry professionals who believe in the Rogue Valley as a premier wine producing region and destination. In March of 2018, email invitations were sent to all the wineries and vineyards in the Rogue Valley to attend a public meeting to discuss forming a Rogue Valley marketing group for the wine industry. In May 2018, a Board of Directors was elected to begin planning.


2.  What is Rogue Valley Vintner’s mission?

The Mission of the RVV is to promote Rogue Valley wines, vineyards, and wineries while enhancing the customer experience. RVV is not a research or advocacy organization, nor is a sales organization.


3.  What benefit will my business gain by supporting RVV?

RVV will present a unified brand to consumers and potential industry partners both inside and outside of Oregon. We hope to raise awareness for the wine, hospitality, and recreation industries in Southern Oregon. We hope to provide leadership and organization for individual businesses to join together and raise awareness for our region around quality wines.


4.  How is RVV different than the other wine related trade associations?

RVV is a marketing group made up of industry stakeholders. We aim to be a thought leader in Southern Oregon. We want to provide leadership that is representative, transparent, and modern.


5.  Who can join and what are dues?

Wine growers and producers can join now as Founding Members with a $1,000 buy in for the first year’s membership dues. With your membership you will receive unfettered access to the organization, voting rights, exclusive communications, and full marketing/advertising benefits.

For businesses that support the wine industry and wine tourism within the Rogue Valley, we are offering associate memberships for $500 for the first year. These members will receive exclusive communications, full marketing/advertising benefits, as well as future partnership opportunities.


6.  How can I stay informed about RVV’s progress?

RVV has a membership website with information including meeting minutes, schedules, events, and more. Visit: www.rvv.wine today!


7.  Does RVV have community partners?

The follow community partners have been instrumental in forming RVV and we are excited to welcome more: Asante Foundation, Travel Medford, Travel Southern Oregon, The Neuman Group.


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